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Sources – James Morrison

My news media research source “How social media affects the mental health of teenagers”, goes into details about both the positive and negative effects that social media can have on teenagers. It explains how nearly 21 percent of surveyed teens said they “felt down” after prolonged usage of social media. It also goes on to state that nearly 31% of teenagers say that social media use has a “mostly positive” impact on their lives, while only 24% say “mostly negative.” The other 45% said that social media’s effect was neither positive nor negative.The main idea of the source is that social media can have a profound effect on how teenagers, specifically girls, view themselves physically based on the stereotypes that are reinforced and upheld by social media. However it can also help teenagers find discourse communities that embrace them and help grow the self worth. I think this piece will be useful because it has data and percentages that depict the good and bad of social media.

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    Good piece.

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