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Sources-Azaria Clouden

This article talks about the struggles biracial children face throughout life. After reading this article I gained a sense of relief. A line in the article that really stuck out to me was“ perhaps, sociologists say, because of the heightened stress in their lives as they buck enduring norms. And children in mixed families face the challenge of navigating questions about their identities.” This is because I realized that I am not th eonly one going through this struggle.

This is a more recent article and it talks about how your own family can be racisit towards you. This is the topic that I am writing about so I believe this is the perfect article to add to my project. This article talks about a woman who is preparing to teach her unborn daughter how to navigate in such a racist world.


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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    This is a great article, and should really be a great addition to your article. Do you have a second source? You can post it here if you do.

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