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Proposal- Jeanpierre Montano

My issue that I have is Physical inactivity and how this had and still is affecting people around the world. This has been a problem in my life as well and I want to share some experiences I had with it and how I can change the world by letting people hear all these types of disasters this is causing. Some questions I have about it is how can we start to make people be more active?  I feel that we can convince them enough to see the type of damage this can cause around the world and even implement it to themselves and they would want to see change in themselves as well.  I am the perfect person to write about this because i suffered through this almost all my life I was inactive and it cause me to feel all types of ways, it allowed me to be a person I never wanted to be, But now I’ve changed and I have so many things to talk about I feel that I will bring change by just talking about this type of problem that we face as a community. This is important to me and the people i know because I don’t want people to be the way I used to be and I feel that the more active we become the more happy we feel and it allows us to achieve more things in life. Who I’m targeting as my audience is people who are inactive, although its very easy to say you’re not but the pandemic has caused us to be online and at home and it allowed us to be more inactive than ever and this is the main type of people I’m targeting.  If I could publish this article anywhere it would be CNN because these are where most people see problems throughout the world and I believe that this is a major one. The kind of sources I would need is the type of health issues this can cause and how it leads to many deaths, my main goal is not to scare people away but more to motivate people to start to be more healthier and active throughout their life. I think I need a little data because there is so much out there and I don’t want to bore people. I can tell so many personal stories that can make people get started because I was in this situation where I would barely get off my bad the whole day and all I did was watch Netflix. This did not make me feel any better about myself. I can interview personal trainers or my family members because they are going through something like this. I can find all this information online and on different websites and talking to other people as well.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    I was a little worried about this, to be honest, but I think you’ve begun to get a handle on it. It feels almost as if you could publish it in New York Magazine, or even Science — one would be more of a personal essay with some research to support what you’re saying, and the other would be more research-heavy but using personal stories to be examples of how the research works in the world. CNN is great, but their articles tend to be very short (if I’m not mistaken, although I’ll go take a look) and wouldn’t quite for for this in terms of length. But I’m encouraged — let’s think more about publications — you can leave me a reply comment here with some more ideas.

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