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Proposal: Austin Vegas

My issue revolves around bullying in schools all around the United States and how the education system needs to be reformed so that teachers and staff can accommodate for victims of bullies. Some of the questions that I have for this is if I should make the article mainly about education reform for bullying in the United States or for most countries in the world.

This is one of the more better ideas that I can connect to because I have been bullied before when I was younger because of being quiet, however through the course of my life that stopped and I began to see bullying in the environment around me. Knowing this and how teachers and staff respond to it would benefit to the article based on my prior experiences so that the reader can be better informed.

The people that I’m trying to reach in this article would best be teachers, principals and higher ups so that they can see the perspective of a person who has both experienced and seen bullying first hand. This article can also be for students who have been bullied or have seen bullying occur so that they can see the reality if they don’t speak out for themselves or those around them.

I would publish this article to apps that most students/teachers/principals use like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. It can even go to websites that they use for the school such as the Department of Education for New York’s homepage. It can also be talked about on Youtube for better viewership.

The types of sources and information that I would be looking most for include statistics and facts about how many get bullied, the percentage of bully victims that would lead to suicides’, and the percentage of schools that take action on bullying. Real life stories and interviews with victims about bullying experiences and other reliable source outlets that can get my point across with more facts so that opinions/feelings don’t skew the reader away from the message.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Great. Should result in some great alternate genre pieces as well as the longer piece.

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