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Proposal-Azaria Clouden

Racial discrimination is a problem that the world has suffered from for decades and decades. The article that I plan to write it’s about racial discrimination and how it affects families all over the world. I plan on talking about how the color of my skin affected the relationship between my grandfather and I. My grandfather disowned my mother for marrying my dad, an African-American man. He forbade my family from talking to my mom, even attending her wedding. Once my twin sister and I were born my grandfather still didn’t change his mind and didn’t want to see us because of the fact that we were half black. As I grew up I realized some of my friends one through the same problems in their families. I used to think I was all alone until I started opening up about this issue and realizing that to some extent I feel sorry for my grandfather. I feel sorry that he is ignorant, I feel sorry that he was brought up that way. I want my article to talk about what racial discrimination is, how it affects families, and how little by little we can change the minds of ignorant people. my targeted audience would be anyone from any age to any race to any gender. I hope when someone reads my article they will realize that they are not alone and there is a whole community full of people willing to talk to them and support them. If I could publish this article I’d love to publish it in the New York Times. When it comes to data and statistics I will focus on the amount of people that have gone through what I went through or similar. I can find this information by looking online or even asking my friends and family.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    This is just a great idea, and the resulting texts are going to be fascinating. This is one I’m really looking forward to because it’s so real and so personal. Good job.

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