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Proposal – Mariam

Climate Change and agriculture is the problem world is facing and it will get even worse in few years. More droughts and heat waves and frost-free seasons will lengthen. That means that farmers wont be able to grow crops and the world will lack a food or will relies too heavily on fertilizers and pesticides.

I am planning to talk to farm community, businessmen’s and to the people who are concerned about eating healthy and people in general. This problem can cause starvation in the future. We should be really concerned about it.

The article ” The Effects of Climate Change” from the website climate.nassa.gove says that length of the frost-free seasons has been increasing since 1980’s which has been effecting eco system and agriculture. It seems like the growing seasons are going to continue increasing. The solution will be if green-house gasses heat trapping emissions will reduce. The article also saying, that summer temperatures will continue rising. The reduction of moisture in the soil will bring more Droughts. The other article, “Climate Change and Agriculture” from the Union of Concerned Scientists talk about how climate change will challenge farmers with dry seasons and storms.

I would try to write the article about climate change and agriculture in businesses and finance magazines”, “The New York Times” and “Farm World” magazine. Farming and agriculture is a big business and it would be a wake up call for the people who are involved in the farm business. The “Farm World” magazine would be a a good way to inform the farmers. To let them know about the upcoming severe impacts on farms caused by climate change. “The New York Time” newspaper would inform the people.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    This is great. I think you’re going in a good direction. I really do think this is something people haven’t thought about enough, so I’m interested to see what you “publish” your short and longer pieces. Nice job.

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