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Problems – Rodrigo A Vega

There are various problems that I have considered for this research topic assignment, that I am going to write in this writing piece.

The first topic that I have been thinking about is: Being able to afford education.

Education is something that is part of everyone’s life. It can help many people learn more about certain topics in life, it can help develop people and even communities around the world. Then there is a big obstacle that affects many when it comes to education for people, and that issue is money. The issue with money is that many people can’t really have the ability to get a quality education on the things that they want to know. But some might struggle to get a good education because they can’t afford to have it. There are various people out there that even after graduating of college and having a job, there are still struggling to pay of college for a long time.

I want to change people’s mind about how more people should have access to an education without having go through a big financial burden. Because everything good that we have been able to do in live must have been influence by some form of education.

I think that this issue stems from the fact that many colleges are expensive for people to afford. And various material things that are required for learning can be expensive for some people to afford.

This impacts people all around the world because with better education people can have better job opportunities and society can progress much better.

This is important to address now because many people wish to get a better education that can help them achieve their goals with their life onwards, and with a better education it can leave a good impact in the world.

The various people can be appealed to change are some people in the government. So that they can pass laws that can help people get a higher quality education at a more affordable price.

            Another research topic that I was interested in is expensive internet service prices. The problem with the internet being expensive is that it can prevent other people to be able to do the things that are required to do online because more and more things are done online. Internet is not an unnecessary luxury for many people anymore; it is a requirement for many people in the United States. From experience, I notice that many internet companies will start charging more and more money over time. I believe that internet services need to have more fixed prices so that people that need to use such services can use them.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Either of these would make good articles. Great ideas!

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