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Problems: Austin Vegas

There are many issues around the world which tick me off the more I look at them no matter what I’m doing, out of those many things I can’t tolerate on a day to day basis of seeing is bullying and education reform.

The reason I picked bullying is because most of the issues that people, most often adults in this day and age, have to deal with mentally and physically stem from how those around them treated them while they were younger. Most of the time its for their appearance, how they act, or anything unintentional that the person cannot control which shouldn’t be faulted. It can be a result from how they were born or how their parents (or if they didnt have parents) have treated them in the past.

Bullying in school can be limited based on how early the schools in particular act towards this issue, more often then not “bad” schools tend to step into a problem when its too late for the victim. Most teachers don’t care or are trained not to care because it would only cause more problems but this isn’t the case because they can positively affect them.

This also stems into education reform because the problem can often be from how the higher ups in the Department of Education handle bullying with their rules and regulations are outdated or not enforced enough by schools involved. This can be treated better by how they train their teachers and staffs to respond to issues around them so that the students involved aren’t scarred or negatively affected later in their lives.

Both of these issues need the higher ups or even the principals of each school to better enforce the rules presented to them so that later down the line bullies are reprimanded for what they do so that can have a better chance of changing themselves.

Reforming the education system would also mean that they should add more classes to further prep the students in each school so that they are ready for what life will present them later down the line. They should implement into the circulars/courses so that they can know what they will have to do as an independent whether in college or beyond. This should include classes that introduce students on how to do taxes, mortgages, loans and other money management techniques so they have less of a chance to go bankrupt.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    I think the connection between bullying and education reform is a great one, wonderful idea to write about.

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