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Global climate change is very important concern for all the countries across the Globe. Global climate change is change in climatic conditions that are not conducive for living beings on Earth. Earth has developed its own atmosphere that consist of water , air and Sun. Sun is ultimate source of energy. Water and air maintain the ecosystem balance. There is need of certain percentage of oxygen, carbon dioxide , nitrogen etc which is well balanced to keep living beings alive.

If there is imbalance in water proportion, Temperature on Earth or increase in carbon dioxide levels, then it is called climatic shift. This happens in the ecosystem if Man forces air and water to change the behavior. The Man is the one responsible for climatic change. Man is responsible for air and water pollution.

Man has started cutting trees that inhale carbon dioxide to make use of land for infrastructure development. Factories are being built that creates air pollution and water pollution. Vehicles on roads are responsible for air pollution. Pollution is rising due to excess use of technology ( vehicle factory etc). Most of countries are least bothered about climatic change.

The results of climatic change are rise in temperatures due to increase of carbon dioxide on Earth surface. Carbon dioxide also responsible of reduction of ozone layer that is protecting Earth from the excess heat of sun. Ozone layer depletes if carbon dioxide increases. There is rise in temperature on Earth which is resulting in ice to melt in northern hemisphere on Earth. This is in rise of water levels on Earth. Water has started entering on land and area of land is started depleting. This increase of water levels resulting in change of climate which further results in cyclones, tornados etc. Climatic results finally affects the earth to large extent.

The earth can be protected from climatic shift by increasing plantation. Trees absorb most of carbon dioxide. Man should decrease use of technology that is ecologically dangerous. Man can use best use of solar energy and energy that does not affect the environment.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    This is always a good topic; the challenge, of course, is really focusing on your audience and what specific focus you want to use to reach them. But all good so far.

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