The word I was thinking of painting a portrait of is “competitive” I feel that with my community we all strive to be the best and help each other since we all have a certain goal and that’s to build up from one another through competitive action weather that would be through making money from a video game or sharing content for a lot of people to enjoy and see. I picked this word because I feel that everyone in a gaming community has tried to be competitive in some sort and it all allowed us to share a fun experience with one another. its also very important to me because I started gaming ever since I was a little kid, my brother introduced me to it and I seen how competitive he was because most of the time he would get mad at his friends for losing and then he introduced me to it and I was a bit confused but once you get the hang of it, its so addictive and fun to play and I also just hated the simple fact of losing and that made me super competitive because all I wanted to do was win and it also allowed me make new friends and I built up as a person through gaming and it changed my life from the start that’s why I would say its very important. what I would like my readers to learn after what I write about that is everyone in a gaming community that you play with can be considered family for you and you built up so many better friendship and it allows you to be a whole different person and I also feel that they should learn that competitive should not just be just through video games but in real life as well because we all strive to be the best but at the same time we work together with other people and that’s what I feel that everyone should learn. some technical I feel that I could borrow from Diaz or Abdurraqib is that I could be very forward with my language and also have some type of slang with it because it allows me to share my story with better emotion and that’s how I feel like I could make my writing better.