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The phrase that I have decided to write about is “Always have faith”. This phrase is something that I try to live by everyday. Basically this means to always believe that everything will work out. In life you should always have a positive outlook on everything. If you think positive then you will receive a positive outcome. It’s extremely easy to lose faith in something especially if it doesn’t go the way you initially planned it out go happen. I feel as if having faith is easier said than done. You can tell someone so many times that “Things will get better” or” It’s going to be okay” however that doesn’t truly mean the person will believe that. It is up to you to put all your trust in God, the universe or what ever you believe in. This phrase is super important to me. This is something my parents have always told my sister and I from a young age. Growing up I watched my parents always get through any situation, they made every obstacle look so easy. This is because they always had faith. Faith that everything will work out. Faith that you can do anything you put your mind to. Many people out there are over thinkers like myself, but once you truly accept that all you have to do is have faith then you begin to overthink less and be happier. I’d like readers to understand that always having faith doesn’t mean your’e not going to go through obstacles in life. It means that you are strong enough to overcome them.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Nice. Give us a picture of it in action. I think of faith as the underlying motivation for action, so can you show us an example or two?

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