I believe their multiple ways to speak every language. English I speak differently when it’s toward my family, work, and friends. This means that base on your environment we adapt to multiple customs of speech, depending on who you speaking to. For example, when you speaking to a manager, professor, or in a professional environment, you would speak seriously and be more careful about what you say to the individual. But once I’m with my friend and parent is more relax I don’t have to be serious but careful. I can relate to the poet Jamila lyiscott because we share a few things in common such as we both grew up speaking multiple forms of English. My Parent is from Haiti,  both speak french and creole, I grew up in Haiti but move here when I was 8, I understand the language a little bit. just like Lyiscott, I feel like I speak three different languages at home, and school because I have a friend from school that also from my home town that speaks creole with me in school when they need to ask me for something, it feels like I live in three different worlds at times because of the type of environment I live in.