English wasn’t my first language. neither was born in America, I was born in Haiti. I moved here when I was eight years old with my mother and little brother. Education wasn’t always easy for me, the language was the problem. I was having trouble learning, communicating, and getting along with others. However, all that changed when my mother and I learned the language.

Learning is key. My mother and I, Our first goal was to learn and understand the language. I went to school three weeks after I arrived, with one mindset to understand English and speak it fluently. In the article “Me Talk Pretty One Day” by David Sedaris it says “ I’ve moved to Paris with hopes of learning the language” I agree with Sedaris because when I moved to America I hoped and prayed that I would learn the language fast. I had to start in the middle of the third grade it wasn’t easy. I was  ESL, I had the lowest class which gave me more time to understand what was being taught in the class. Also, there was certain where day I’d stay after school with few teachers to do fun activities that would make me more comfortable with the language. For example, we went on some ABC computer games and did some reading online. Communicating was one of the hardest parts of my educational experience even though I knew how to speak English. It was still hard because in Creole the action comes before the noun, But in English noun always comes first before the action for example in English you would say “ This is Tommy”s  House” in Creole you would say “ The house of Tommy ”. Communicating was also a problem because I had trouble navigating the street when I get lost, I didn’t know how to ask for directions I had to find the way back on my own. When I used to go shopping, I was having problems figuring out how much items were worth and how much I needed to pay, Thankfully I managed to figure it out by continually shopping and getting familiar with shopping terms.