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LN Draft- Nevena Vuckovic

Do I sin

Because i seem illiterate

I’m no such thing

Yet they think I’m in the business

Of being incompetent

I love to learn

But i love doing what i love more

I don’t need to practice

To see what I’m in for

They gave me sneer looks

As if i had no brain

Even if i were a scarecrow

Id know which way

They don’t see me

They see my numbers

That apparently measure

My source of educational income

I don’t need your acknowledgement

But to me it’s sad

You see kids everyday

But the talent of teaching you lack

My ability

Is something you’ll never overcome

You’ve taught me lessons

But not from your subjects

You taught me to believe in everyone

Because you didn’t believe in me

You taught me to be strong

Because i was the punching bag

You were trying to defeat

You taught me to hold an umbrella

In stormy weather

Because i had hope

While you end your sentences with “whatever”

This is the story

Of my old high school

I guess it was a mistake

But with mistakes

You learn lessons

I knew what i was doing

But you forced my brain to bed rest

Talked about how i don’t know my language

And it’s best to go back home with my baggage

You say baggage like luggage

But i carry your words like baggage

At your disadvantage



  1. Valentina Agnes

    I am truly amazed by the work you submitted. I love it. I felt this in such a deeper way. In a sense, I could relate and I appreciate that you brought this to light.
    Have you every accomplished what it is you’re writing about? If so, what is one thing you would say to those people?

    • Nevena Vuckovic

      Thank you very much! I did accomplish getting over this point in High School and I honestly don’t know what I would say to those people. I would more so just work on myself because success is the best revenge.

  2. Jacquelyn Blain

    I really don’t have much to comment on here. You and I already talked about whether to add a short paragraph at the end to give context, and I think that’s a good idea – still think it’s a good idea :-). In that paragraph, you might think about addressing what Valentina asked, even if it’s just to say it doesn’t matter anymore.

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