To Emel

Your first year of college is about to start and sadly you have to show up to your first semester through a screen. You’re probably stressed still and worried about how well you will do during your time in college and where this will take you. Just remember to keep giving all your effort throughout this time and everything will pay off. Don’t slip up and forget your plans for the future. You should keep up your work and make sure your grades are perfect. Currently I expect that you are looking at ways to help yourself financially succeed and be smart with what you invest your money into. Throughout your whole life you have always struggled with writing but i hope that by now you have mastered it. It only will help you in the future, you need to be able to have the writing proficiency in order to apply that to whatever you want to do in the future. I know you want to move out and go somewhere but remember that wont happen without hard work and success.

Just remember everything you do throughout your life impacts your family. I expect you to make them proud, have fun but be smart. You only get one life but if you live it right that’s all you need.