Jacquelyn Blain

Unit 2 Freewrite

Before writing about climate change for this class, I knew somewhat about a little bit about it based off what I would see on social media. Whenever I was curious about something specifically related to climate change I would usually just Google it. However, for this unit it has to taught me that sourcing is very important and where you get your research is important when it comes to whether or not the stuff I had read was based off facts or simply opinions. From me doing my own research, I have learned the type of sources that are reliable and not reliable. I learned how to tell the purpose of someone’s writing but I am still having difficulty with context which is something I will need to work on. I feel very passionate about my writing, I feel it’s very simple and informative especially for the audience that I am aiming towards.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    And you do a good job by keeping it simple and informative! Nice work. Context really is nothing more than the situation. If two people are having a disagreement, it matters whether it’s on the street or in the classroom. That’s what context is all about, because it sort of gives us an idea about what’s “allowed” in different situations/contexts. You’ve got some nice insights here!

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