Jacquelyn Blain

Unit 2 Reflection

I knew a lot about media and how they affected social movements but not to as great of an extent. For one when I sourced something it flowed into the paragraph instead of being its own thing and I didn’t have to do a reflection at the end. I learned to write my explanations better and I learned that I’m good at finding specific pieces of evidence to support my claim. To analyze something rhetorically I learned that if you miss one piece of it the whole thing falls apart. The problem that I ran into was the intro and conclusion, I didn’t know how to start both of them out. I felt that I ended up with something that was harder to work on than I originally thought it would be.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Intros and conclusions are the worst! I always write both of them after I’ve done the main part of the project, whatever that is. And rhetorical analysis in daily life is nothing more than understanding who is saying/doing something, for what purpose, and in what situation. Formal ones can be tedious, but we actually do that kind of work every single day. You’ve made some good points here!

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