“space travel”, humanity wants to adventure out into the skys into the universe. in a podcast of Elon Musk he talks about the specifics about space exploration and mars colonization for the benefit for all of humankind. Elon brings up a “space fearing species” in which it is that humanity could become a type 2 civilization within our own solar system within a century from now which could leapfrog mankind in technology. in the podcast with joe rogan, Elon describes that first we need to colonize mars first which would be our first step right after the moon. i think that the audience for space travel are scientist, engineers, enthusiasts and futurists for the future of space travel and where humans go from here. the project that i would like to accomplished is to demonstrate scientific knowledge and applied mathamatics for space exploration to help build rockets and energies that can take people anywhere to space. The many aspect that i would avoid in my own projct is using usless information that is not related to space questions and making the topic boring so those are the things that i would like to avoid within my project. nevertheless, this project is good for the mentor text in which this is for the insperation of elon musk talking about “space travel” and how it can inspire people to push sucess.