In my final portfolio, I am planning on working on unit 1, and 3 assignments because I feel that all those two can have a little more to them. For Unit 1, my personal narrative was the project I had the most fun creating. I love writing and expressing my feelings and thoughts on paper so considering unit 1 has all of those things combined, I would like to revise it and fix or add somethings to it to make it better. For Unit 3, I feel like the audio can be a little more creative. I feel like the audio I uploaded was a little plain and could use maybe like some music in the background and some cuts here and there. The audio it self was perfect. I feel like me and my friend that I did the podcast with covered the most important topics and that we were ourselves the whole time. I will not be including unit 2 though into my final portfolio because i didn’t really like writing about research. One thing I’ve never really been good at is writing a paper on something that I have to research. I tend to get stressed out and never know what exactly to research or how to play it out on paper where as in Unit 1, I could just freestyle and lay everything down on paper and then do some fixes later on when i’m finished writing it. In Unit 2, I kind of just laid out what I could find and try my best to put it into words and also tried finding the right research to go with what I was writing.