Week of Nov 8-14

Mon Nov 8

Introduce Unit 3 – helpful tools/links

Genres revisited: conventions of different ones. Analyze genres using the Know Your Publication questions:

  • What kinds of articles/ stories/ media (and ads and videos for that matter) are on that site?  
  • What does that tell you about who they think their audience is? How do you draw that conclusion?
  • How long are the pieces usually? (pages, words, minutes)?
  • What is the tone, usually? (funny, serious, casual)
  • What kind of diction is usually used? (casual, formal, academic, etc.) 
  • How do they usually use evidence/ support (such as data, quotations, interviews, etc)?
  • What can you tell us about their visual presentation?  Is it all black and white text? Video with lots of graphics? 
  • Do you think this would be a good publication or forum to reach your intended audience?  Why or why not? 


POST on OpenLab: You will need to write a proposal of at least 200 words outlining what you plan to do for Unit 3. Post to website. This proposal should tell us: 

  • A 1-2 sentence statement of what you want to teach your audience (the most important thing you learned in Unit 2). 
  • The audience you are trying to reach. Get as specific as you can here. Everyone is not an audience!
  • The genre you are planning to write in and why you chose it.
  • A plan — how do you intend to get started?
  • Anything you might be worried about.  What are your concerns about finishing this project?
  • CATEGORY: Project Proposal

Wed Nov 10

Talk about tools and mentor texts.

In class on Padlet, put your idea and genre.

Comment on other people’s ideas and genres, things like:

  • A specific publication or website you think the author could write for.
  • A question or comment to help narrow down the audience: “You say you want young people to watch this video essay, but there’s no publication all young people watch. Are you actually trying to reach New Yorkers?”
  • A question or comment to help narrow down the genre: “There are a lot of different kinds of articles in the world. You could be writing for a newspaper like the New York Times or a website like Buzzfeed, and the writing is totally different for both. Can you be more specific?”
  • You can also just talk about things in the proposal you find especially cool or exciting.

We’re looking to create support groups of people who are working in the same genre: video, podcast, graphics, article for website, etc.

Homework for Monday Dec 15

WRITE a post for OpenLab: Do an analysis of a mentor text in the genre you want to use for your project using these questions.

  • What tone/ type of language does this example use?  
  • How does this source use research?  Do they quote from outside sources, use a lot of statistics, etc…
  • What can you tell us about this source visually (and auditorily, if applicable)?  Does it use a lot of imagery and color? Is the layout very clean? Is there a soundtrack?
  • How long is it?  (Words, pages, minutes)
  • Who do you think is the audience of this source?  What makes you think that?
  • What aspects of this source would you like to emulate in your own writing? How might you do that?
  • What aspects of this source would you like to avoid in your own writing?  How will you do that?
  • CATEGORY: Mentor Text

Week of Nov 15-21

Mon Nov 15

Mentor Texts. Workshop with groups.

Wed Nov 17

Workshop with groups.


On Padlet post evidence of progress on your project, whatever you want that evidence to be!  Your Unit will be due on (Wed Dec 1) so today, just post something you’re working on– a picture of your comic, a page of what you’ve been writing, a minute of your video…

Week of Nov 22-28

Mon Nov 22

Writing the Artist’s Statement

Workshop with groups.


UPLOAD to the Google Drive: Finish the rough draft of the Artist’s Statement you started in class and then upload to the folder marked “Writing in a New Genre/Artists Statement.”

Wed Nov 24


HW: The project is due on Dec 2.

Week of Nov 29 – Dec 5

Mon Nov 29


HW: PROJECT uploaded to the Google Drive. There’s a folder in the Google Drive for them, but you can also find other ways to let us find your project – we’ll talk about it in class.

HW for Mon Dec 6: Artist’s Statement uploaded to Google Drive folder labeled Artist’s Statement.

Wed Dec 1

Share the projects!


On to the Final Portfolio.


UPLOAD to Google Drive folder labeled Artist’s Statement: Your Artist’s Statement.

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