For the final portfolio I am planning on working on my unit 1 and 3 assignments because I feel like I could’ve put a bit more effort to them. In the beginning of the semester I was just writing for the sake of the assignment. I tried my best but now with my new found knowledge I believe I can add more to my assignments. For as long as I can remember I have always dreaded writing assignments, especially assignment in which I am told I can write about any topic I want. For me to write something I need to be told what to write and a rubric/guideline for the essay. I don’t believe I have it in me to just free write anything, I would just sit in front of my keyboard and my mind would be empty. The same thing happened with this semesters assignments. However, now that I have a foundation to work on and feedback from my peers and professor I believe I can add more to each assignments. For assignment 1 I would have to work on the structure of my essay and add more now that I have a better idea of what should be a part of the assignment. For unit 3 I was limited to what I can do and add for my newspaper article; but now that I know what I need to fix from the feedback of my peers I can structure the newspaper article how I had originally envisioned it in my mind.