My Final Portfolio will be the final and most updated version of all three of my unit assignments. I will include my unit 1,unit 2, and unit 3 assignments. I chose to include the unit 3 assignment as I feel it has had the most impact on me. Naturally I will revise my other two unit assignments as I want to perfect them as much as I can so they can reflect my overall performance in the class. Unit 3 I hold a more personal connection to as it changed my own way of thinking for the better and may make some revisions to the podcast as I was upset with the quality it came out with. While unit 1 was supposed to be the retelling of a personal story, the assignment itself did not impact me as I saw it as a retelling while unit 3 was a fresh new experience which shattered an illusion I once had. Unit 2, I will change one of my sources to make it friendlier and easier to pick up for my audience as only reading research headlines might seem boring to them. The way the information is presented in unit 2 is professional and so is the content but it feels lackluster to a reader. I will refine unit 1 with a more expansive story with greater details but I am limited by my own memory as I must retell my story as I can remember it which was many years ago. These three units will be the main pieces in my portfolio as they were the most meaningful to me.