Week 16 (Dec 6-12)

Mon Dec 6

Discuss Final Portfolios. Revisiting the term.

HW for Dec 8:

REVIEW your work from the term.

WRITE a SFD of your Final Reflection. Upload to folder in Google Drive labeled Final Reflection SFDs.

Wed Dec 8

Discuss Revising. Doing a Reverse Outline.

HW for Dec 13:

REVIEW your Unit 1 and Unit 2 assignments. Prepare questions for conferences.

WRITE: A less s***ty draft of your Final Reflection.

Week 17 (Dec 13-19)

Mon Dec 13

Questions about the Final Portfolio. Share Reflections. Conferences.

Wed Dec 15

Questions about the Final Portfolio. Conferences.

Final meeting.

The Graffiti Wall

HW: Porfolio due EOD Mon Dec 20

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