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The article I chose to emulate is an article from the New York Times. The piece uses hyperlinks to other articles as sources/reference and uses quotes from outside sources and experts. The article uses black/white and color photos throughout the article. The article is about 978 words long. The article is aesthetically pleasing and could capture a wide audience, however I believe that the targeted audience were adults in their late 30s+. In my own article I would like to keep the same format as the New York Times, because it seems to capture the attention of my own targeted audience. I also like the use of hyperlinks in the article; it shows the readers that there is source available for them if they want to read more and it doesn’t standout too much from the content. There is not much I would change in the format for my own article, however I wouldn’t have any advertisements throughout my own article.

Source article- https://www.nytimes.com/2021/11/14/world/europe/queen-elizabeth-health.html

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    This is great work. It’s going to really help you.

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