Jacquelyn Blain

Project Proposal

For my unit 3 project, I want to inform people how different forms of media have influenced movements for a better change and how they can continue to help prepoll change in society. The audience that I want to inform are teenagers to young adults since they are the most vocal on what they want to see in society. I think that I’m going to use a news website styling because it’s the one that I’m the most comfortable with. I plan on first seeing how websites like the New York times fashion their post and start from there. I’m concerned about it not being as coordinated and readers having a hard time understanding what I’m trying to say.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    It’s good that you’re focusing on audience. Looking at different potential places to publish, or that might publish something like this, is a great next step. You do need to think about where teens/young adults get their news these days in terms of websites; that’s the real challenge here. But it’s a good start.

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