Jacquelyn Blain

Project proposal

Something that I want to teach my audience about is what makes a serial killer. This is something that I want people to learn about because I feel like in today’s age people say things without taking it into consideration and you never know how that can negatively affect someone and I feel like a lot of serial killers’ history comes from the way that they were treated. The audience that this is targeted to is older generations because I feel like they say things without noticing how negatively it can affect someone and I also feel like this can be targeted to people who just like to learn more about crime. I think that the genre that I might use is a video probably because it’s the easiest. In order for me to get started I think I need to plan out what I’m gonna say so that I can draw whatever goes with my sentences. Something that I am worried about is that I might get lost in the topic or I might get a little bit confused on what I’m supposed to do.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    You’re definitely voicing the right concerns. A video really does need to be nailed down in terms of script and visuals before you do the actual recording. Crime is a very popular subject for video essays and podcasts these days, so that’s a good choice. The challenge is, as you say, in making sure it’s all planned out before you start — that will help you focus the language and information.

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