Jacquelyn Blain

Project Proposal

For my Unit 3 project, I want to teach my audience how black holes form and disappear. I want to go through the process in chronological order and what a black hole is in general, with what we know currently. My audience will be those interested in science and the universe, and search for those topics on social media apps. This can be anyone as long as they use some type of search engine in a social media app. With this in mind, I plan to create a Twitter thread on the topic using hashtags and key terms for those who use the search function to find my thread on the topic of black holes. I plan to start my thread and end it in chronological order from when a back hole is formed to when it dies. I also add to plan extra details and facts throughout to make the thread more fun and interesting to read. Concerns I have would be how long the thread should be and if I could use pictures. Do I have to add a bibliography or reference cite at the end of my thread as well? I’ll be reading your comments too if you have any concerns with my plan.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    A Twitter thread is great, but I’m wondering if you can name a specific audience segment you want to reach. Is it for the “Science Friday” crowd? It can’t sound like an academic paper, that’s for sure :-). But it sounds like fun!

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