After the content check activity we did in class, i realized that maybe I should take a double look at my annotated bibliography and make sure that my sources connect to the research paper and that it all comes together nicely. I still have to add my summary’s of my 3 sources and I have to pick good quotes that’ll support my introduction. I also have to do my reflection/conclusion which i’m a little nervous about because I tend to struggle when it comes to summing up the whole essay without repeating myself but I feel that after I have everything else payed out, it’ll come together on its own.

I feel like the activity definitely taught me that I should think twice about how I connect my sources to what my main point of the research paper is. It was definitely easier to leave feedback when the person was anonymous because then we can leave feed back as a general comment instead of addressing the person. Also, its easier because you don’t know the person to your more likely to leave a truthful honest comment than if there was a name to it. It did make me feel more comfortable working with the same people because we didn’t have to reintroduce ourselves and we already had a communication with one another.