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Project Proposal

Something I would like to teach my audience is what its like to suffer from mental health and what could come out from that. I would also like to tell my audience that they aren’t alone in anything that their going through. I would like to show case some ideas that might help people who are going through a rough time. The audience that I am trying to reach is those who are going through a tough time and or are suffering from mental health issues and I also would like to reach out to those who maybe don’t know much about what it means for someone to have mental health issues. The genre I would like to do is a podcast. I chose this genre because I could give a chance to talk to people who have been dealing with mental health issues and how they handle it or how their holding on and show my audience that their not the only ones feeling or going through things. How i intend to get started is finding someone who is willing to be open about their issue and explaining their emotions. Then, I have to write out some good questions and how to get started. One thing i’m worried about is how exactly i’m going to make the podcast. Like how i’m going to put it all together. I’m also worried about how exactly i’m going to do it, whether through a call or if ill do it in person.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    This sounds good. And those are good questions about how to set the podcast up. There are lots of ways to do it, depending on who the target audience is, of course. You can do a call-in roundtable — that’s one of the joys of doing a podcast. The trick is to be sure you have questions ready and statistics, and be willing to go back and edit in some music or commentary if you want. Never fear, however; at least one other person is going to do a podcast, so you’ll be able to help each other. I think this is a really good topic for a podcast!

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