For my plan to complete my Reflective annotated bibliography I need to revise my conclusion and my introduction. I know that I didn’t add the rhetorical analysis under my sources and I need to add one more source. For my introduction, I could talk about why I choose to talk about the mind of a serial killer and why its important, then get more into details and connect them to my sources. In my conclusion I can bring everything together by taking pieces of my sources and rhetorical analysis to connect it to my ideas.

While doing the content check I realized that there were a lot of things that i was missing in my analysis. I learned that people express their ideas in different ways and there isn’t a correct or incorrect way to do it. I feel like the fact that the papers were anonymous did make a difference for me because i know that my paper had a lot of mistakes in it so if people knew who’s own it was it would be kind of embarrassing. It was an easy process overall because you got to see others peoples papers and kind of get a feeling of what yours should or shouldn’t look like.