First Idea: Alzheimer’s  

Journalist Questions: Who named it Alzheimer’s? Who was the first person on records to be diagnose with it? What can be done to prevent it? How can you treat it? Where was the first known case? Why does it happen? When was the first known case? What are the symptoms? What are the phases of Alzheimer’s? 

Second Idea: Climate change 

Journalist Questions: Who was the first person to notice it was happening? When was it discover? What is the nation who has the most effect on climate change? How can we fight it? How long do we have before it’s too late? How is it affecting us? What will happen if nothing is done? What nation/country is doing the least damage to the world when it comes to climate change?

To be honest I am leaning towards both of these, yeah I’m leaning a bit more towards climate change since is I did a research paper about it on high school and I still have all of these unanswered questions about it. But I also want to know more about Alzheimer’s since the whole reason to why I want to become a doctor is because of it but I’m scare that I won’t find as much information about it like I will with climate change.