When I was younger I always found myself listening to music and singing it out loud even if I didn’t know the lyrics I would still mumble until I fully learned it. asking questions about certain genres of music most definitely gave me a better understanding about music for example finding out what the lyrics of song mean when broken down . Thats how I found about clean music and dirty music lol as a child I would just sing the lyrics without actually knowing what it means and I’m sure all of us did the as children lol. My curiosity with music has definitely grown over the years sometimes I even write a few lyrics on my own when I get bored. the education system didn’t really play a role in my curiosity with music . Im still very much interested in music and listening to cultural music can teach about things that are happening in todays world.

As I said before I lost no interest in music I listen to music everyday music is a staple in my life I use it it lift my spirit I use it to help me finish my chores I use music for literally everything if I don’t have music while I’m cleaning it takes me forever to finish however, if I’m listening to music I’m finished before I even know it that’s the effect that music has on me. I found interest in other stuff like cars I can literally name out every car I see driving pass me , I really like fast luxury cars too . other things caught my eye but cars and music stood out more to me so thats why I focused more on those two topics.