Jacquelyn Blain

“A Talk to Teachers.”

I personally agree and really like what James Baldwin was saying and what he had to say when it came to negros in this country and what they went (and are still going) through when it came to be part of this society. What I think he means when he says that “the world is larger” is that America thinks that they are the only ones that make up this world, that they are the best that man kind has to offer. While in reality there is more to offer, there is more going on in the world than what they were told. That the US is not the only thing that makes up the world and that you have every right to decide the way you live your life because the world has a lot to offer.

Something I wished that I was taught in school was just more about the past of this country. I mean more into detail, more of what happened, more of what was done to change things. We are taught what makes America look good, we are taught that they things to change the lives of black people, things to make everyone ‘equal’ when till this day things are equal for everyone. Not only do I wish that I was taught more about the life of African-Americans but I also wish that I was taught more about the women’s right movement. But in general just more about this country’s history. Which is something that we should be taught in school but we end up learning about it on our own time.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    I absolutely agree! With all of your points, actually. We don’t teach history, or what we do teach, we don’t teach very well. Most of the time, it’s taught as a very dry set of dates and famous men (usually men, almost always white men). Why is it that teaching the history of blacks in America is so controversial? But it is. Just like teaching more about the real history of indigenous people, about women, etc etc. Grrr…

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