Poverty: Who is currently living in poverty? What can we do as a society to help with this? Where in the world is it happening the most? When do we expect it to end? How do people end up in poverty? Is their something we can do to fix that thing?

Vaccines: Who created the first vaccine? What was the first vaccine used to fight? What where peoples reaction to vaccines? Where was it first distributed? When did it become global? How many lives have vaccines saved? Has their been deaths due to vaccines? If so how many? Should vaccines be mandatory?

I feel like I am leaning more towards the vaccine side because it is becoming a big topic in todays world. Their is a lot of people refusing to get the covid vaccine because they don’t trust it. I wonder why because it is meant to help you. I wanna research on it to see why it could be that their is two sides one that are for it and one that are completely against it. I wanna know the others side reasoning for being against it.