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Something I was very interested in when I was a kid is the night. I was interested on why did it become so dark at certain times and then have a lot of light at other times. I am no longer interested in this topic because I feel like I understood it after a while and never really got the chance to go more in depth about it. I believe asking question is very important on learning about the topic. This is because when I asked my teachers and parents they would tell me like a basic understanding of it. They told me that the world spins and that when we face the sun we have light and then when we face the moon it get dark.

Over the years I feel like I have become less curious about things. When I was a kid I feel like I thought about everything and now I only think of things that interest me. I feel like the education system played a bad role in my curiosity because they made me feel scared to ask questions about things. They instilled fear in that if we asked a question they did not like they would yell at us or say that is a stupid question.

I currently am not interested in this topic anymore. I feel like the reason behind it is that I got a little closure on what I was curious about and then I feel like i was not able to go look into it any further which ended my curiosity on it. The specific time i lost interest was the end of 2nd grade because I remember my teacher going over it a little in science class. So it should have stopped around that time period. Instead of this I became interested in cartoons and why they look different to us. I feel like I became interested in cartoons more is because I was watching it more often and I really liked them

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    So you got one set of questions answered to your satisfaction… but you’re still curious about other things (unless someone makes you feel stupid about asking questions, which makes me really angry when they do that!). Good for you for continuing to ask.

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