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One thing that I was interested in was how live-action and cartoon/animated movies and tv shows are made. I’m kinda interested in it when it’s like behind the scenes like for example the Avengers Endgame they were showing how Thanos was made. Well, I was a very young kid so I thought it was real and confused how there wasn’t any damage in new york or why there wasn’t a superman on the news channel. But my parents told me that they aren’t real and I was not upset or sad I was relieved and I didn’t care that they weren’t because the world would be in trouble will supervillains or superheroes or superbeings from outer space or from terrible accidents or a science failed experiment.

My curiosity a little bit changed but I liked how it is behind the scenes when making a movie and questioned why they made some decisions. The school’s role to answers my curiosity did nothing to answer anything they were basically saying “this is a math class.” or “this is not the right time to ask these kinds of questions during my class.”.But after class, they would only answer their subject’s questions most of the time.

My curiosity was declining and I think was the reason was I didn’t have a lot of time to sit back and question how some movies and tv shows were made. I was very busy playing soccer and doing lots of homework /projects. The projects would make us be curious about something else like the science fair project usually you would have decided the topic but the teachers chose it for us and it made the projects boring and not in our interested, surprising not a lot of students did it, until they said that it would make everyone pass to the next grade.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Ah, the lure of “am I going to pass to the next grade or not?”!!! Quite the incentive to do something. But I’m like you — I love that behind the scenes stuff. I think, in fact, it’s one reason I ended up working in television… so I could see how things were made. I also love what you said about being relieved that stuff wasn’t real :-D. Nice post.

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