Jacquelyn Blain


As a child, I was always interested in our earth and how it manages to “stay alive.” I never liked science because it always confused me which doesn’t sit right by me. Growing up, I would see trash on the floor and always questioned things like: “where does the trash go?”, “how does the earth get rid of so much trash from all over the world?”, “what happen if one day there is not enough room for the trash to go?” Thinking this I would always feel guilty about wasting so much trash because in the end it hurts our planet. The only planet in which us humans are able to survive in. As I got older, I would always ask my science teachers about global warming, and things that we can do to better our environment and why our government is letting our earth die. Some of my questions my teachers had answers to, but then there were some where I had to go and find the answer on the internet reading articles and watching movies. Now in the year 2021, our earth is in a crisis. From wildfires to oil leakage in our ocean, it’s only a matter of time until we as a society have to face our problem and do something to prevent our earth from dying. Though, the only thing that confuses still to the day is why our government refuse to face this reality and what will take for them to actually face it. All in all, I am very interested and curious about global warming and everything that has lead up to our earth being impacted by our actions.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Asking those kinds of questions are what might help us get ourselves out of this mess… if the powers that be will actually listen to young people! Don’t get me started. Good for you for always asking…

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