From what I’ve seen so far, the ingredients I believe to be key in an education narrative are the narrators prior experiences with education and the flaw they seem to identify and explain. There are many holes in the education system but each education narrative is catered to the narrator who seems to tackle one of the problems of the system and explain his/her history with it. I believe that the best way to start an education narrative would be to recall your history with the problem or event you are trying to call attention to. In doing so I believe you establish a connection with the reader explaining why and what is the intention behind your writing. I belief that an education narrative is best done with your own opinion behind it but it can also be done with the retelling of facts in new ways such that they support claims. An example of this would be the hare lost to the tortoise rather than the tortoise beat the hare. In retelling facts so that they support new claims help expand ideas to beyond their original value. It’s worth being noted to do so in moderation as stretching facts beyond their original intention is not something to be proud of. I am looking foward to my own education narrative as I will be able to share some of my thoughts with my peers and have it be revised. I am worried however that I will make a noticeable and sizable error which could affect the flow or the entire essay.