Jacquelyn Blain

Views on education

I feel that the purpose of education is to make sure that we constantly grow and create a positive influence in our world. This is important because if we as a society are uneducated, then there will be no scientific, educational, or technological advances. If we put no importance on education then we would not have most of the technology or medicine that we have now. we would also be lacking as a human race. One incident that change my view on education is the constant change in society, and its very important to educate our future generation so they can keep up with the constant changes. With the world being so large, and the population constantly growing, it will only be so long before more environmental and economic problems occur.

In our society today people need to be educated to be successful. As a college student I’m constantly being told that I need to get a degree because college graduates make more money than people who have only completed high school, and that college graduates usually have a better standard of living. Education is treasured by everyone, no matter where you are in the world, education has value. If something doesn’t make you passionate its not your thing. Education is everyone’s cup of tea, but it is how knowledge is delivered that can put off or attract the student to education. This assumption gives a platform to blame our education system for killing the passion and excitement of education.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    This is all interesting, and I love your ideas. Now tell us a story about how you came to believe all of this. “Show” us an event that had an impact on you. Just like we did in class, put us in a place where, even if you have to “make up” stuff, we can see how education affected you. It’s a story, after all, and what you have would make good openings or closings, things to wrap around real stories.

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