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From what i’ve seen and read so far and based on all of the knowledge I have gathered, the education genre is not about school lol. I think it’s more of the writer educating the reader (aka us) into something significant in their lives or something they have learned they are now educating us about their information and what they want us to know . I feel like all fantasy genre books also have a little of an educational genre as well because of. the simple fact that there is always a lesson to learn from the characters and the things they go through. we can learn from those things and actions.

I think my best place may be the beginning of quarantine till now. I have grown so much and experienced life a whole lot more and just seen so much growth from the till now within myself.

My question is can the education genre be personal and also formative towards the reader or is there a step by step format we have to follow because I feel the”education genre” is definitely something that can be used as both?. My other question is what do you as our professor expect from our education genre writing piece?.

I think a lot of others may have the same idea but I would make my piece about the beginning of quarantine till now. It will touch on my growth as an individual and all other aspects of my life. Let me know what you guys think and if I should pursue that. 

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    You’re absolutely right about education not (necessarily) being about school. It’s the things we learned while in an educational setting. That can be a soccer pitch as well as a math classroom. Show us what you learned that you didn’t know before, and why it matters to you.

    As far as Covid stories go, those are always interesting, but only if you make it very specific to your situation. For example, I had one student write about how she transformed her bedroom into an indoor garden during lockdown. Another one talked about how she learned that being outgoing has its limits, that being alone with yourself is just as important as being with a lot of other people (and she tried lots of things in lockdown, like doing a handstand, which she never did learn!). So tell us a specific story about your Covid education rather than a general overview of it, and you’ll be fine there.

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