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From what I’ve seen so far, the ingredients of the education narrative genre are to write in a way that can connect with others, that others can understand and feel what your going through or went through. It can be an experience that relates to a lot of people. Personally, I think a good place to start my educational narrative genre is in high school. I’m fresh out of high school, terrified to know whats ahead but at the same time ready to face anything head on because of the different experiences I’ve had in high school. High school changed me and opened my eyes to what reality really is but everyone has a different experience in high school than others may have or maybe it’s been awhile since someones graduated high school, so, I have to keep that in mind while writing and making sure that anyone who reads my educational narrative can connect and understand. My questions on writing an educational narrative on my own is like where do I start? How will I organize my educational narrative? How can I make sure that everyone who reads my educational narrative will understand? How long can it be? My concerns really is just organizing and coming up with a structure for my educational narrative and also staying on track with what I’m saying/writing. I tend to kind of just keep writing and sometime’s i’ll get a little carried away and just keep writing about that specific topic than connecting it with the rest of my writing XD.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    I can tell you’re a little panicked!!! Take a deep breath… An EN is simply a story you tell us about something that happened in terms of your own education, whether it’s in school or someplace else. My best advice is to pick something that really stands out in either a good or bad way, a specific incident maybe, and then just start writing and see where it goes. First drafts are for getting ideas down; revisions are for fixing them up so the reader can understand. No need to make sense at first!

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