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From what I’ve understood so far in this, a genre can include a number of choices such as movies, literature, food, and more. For example, there are many various genres in movies such as horror, science fiction, anime, and more, yet they all have one thing in common in that they all come under the category of movies and the same. Probably a good approach to create an instructional story would be to express something that I know really well that no one else can say, and perhaps the easiest way would be to mention something about myself. I suppose I’ll start in middle or high school and talk about how it transforms or changes my life and how different schools are now. A couple of questions that I have is What is an educational narrative? How long should it be/ how many words? Can we start from elementary school and build from there or is there a limit? Can we talk about the education system or something else like sports?Β When is this due? Will we work on this during class or everything will be after class?

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Lots of questions! An education narrative is simply a story you want to tell us about an experience you had with education — in school, out of school, about a person or a situation — it’s really wide open. It’s just about how you learned something important for YOU. Make it focused on one specific event or time, unless you want to start ranting about educational systems in general; then you can bring in a lot of experiences briefly as examples. The length is, as it says on the assignment sheet, 1000 words, first draft due Monday Sept 27. And we’ll be working on it both in and out of class.

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