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From what i have seen so far and read, I learned that the ingredients of A education narrative genre are that you have to base it off A experience and then you have to tell this experience in a way to communicate with your audience so they understand you. On my education narrative i am gonna talk something about my experiences in high school. I probably wanna talk about how my experiences in high school have shaped my life and how important it was for me. I Graduated high school recently so i feel like my brain is still there. But for someone who reads my work they could have graduated high school 5 year maybe 10 years ago. So i have to find a way where i can communicate with them as-well. But i feel like everyones high school experience have shaped their lives a certain way. My educational experience was also a little different then everyone else’s because i went to a CTE school for Aviation maintenance. This meant that half my day i spent learning all the basic high school curriculum and the other half i spent learning about how to fix planes. I always say that every time i went to school i felt as if i was going to an airport because we had so many planes in my school. This is an experience not everyone has so i would like my education narrative to be something about this. But i also feel like I should go maybe in to something else as well. Maybe i should also talk about different experiences before high school and after, Or is that too much. I dont know maybe you guys can give me feed back on that lol!

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    I think that’s an excellent idea for your EN! I suspect not a lot of people will have had similar experiences, so it will be pretty wonderful and enlightening to read about what CTE is all about, or was for you.

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