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I never really thought about what genre is; it was just something I knew. However, when asked to define what genre actually is I am lost as to how to explain it to someone. Ive always thought of genres as different categories within the the realms of music, literature and movies. Within each genre the work will contain similar themes compare to the other works within the same genre. For example, a horror movie will have similar themes such as blood and gore with other horror movies within the same genre. Within the educational narrative genre, there will be similar themes of each work to be autobiographical in nature. We all have different experiences within the education system and I can only write about on how the education system effected me. In my educational narrative, I will start with my high school career up until my current struggles with the education system now. I wanted to start with my high school years because those grades are still affecting me to this day. Despite graduating with a bachelor degree, some colleges will still ask for your high school transcript. I graduated from high school years ago; I have experienced many things, I went through many trials and tribulations and Ive become completely different person. Despite all this, my grades are still following me. Programs do not look at the determined person I am now, all they see is the person I used to be and turn me away. Despite it being a decade later, I am still trying to work through the system to achieve my dream career. Despite the system working against each, I am determine to come out on top. My only concerns about writing an educational narrative will possibly be on whether if I am suppose to write about my own personal experiences with the educational system or about the educational system in general with little no personal input from me. 

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    As far as genres go, don’t feel bad about how hard it is to describe to someone — I come from film studies, and they fight about it all the time! If we stick to things like “well, horror has jump scares and Westerns have horses,” that’s about the best we can do :-).

    As far as the education narrative goes, you can really write about whatever’s on your mind. It can be a personal story, or it can be a full-on rant about the education system. As someone who has been in and out and in again, you have a perspective a lot of other people don’t, so it might be most interesting for you to put your thoughts down on paper about all of that rather than just talking about a single event. Totally up to you. That said, if there’s one event that you can use as an example for a larger rant, that would really be helpful in making it relatable to people. We’ll talk more.

    Good post!

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