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How To Read Like A Writer

  • When the author, Mike Bunn writes, “You are already an author”, I think he means by what we already do in our everyday lives such as texting or even the way we speak or act in front of different people. We wouldn’t act foolish in front of people we just met but when we’re with out friends or people that we’re closer with, we joke, laugh, jump around, etc. We just now have to learn to interpret all those things we already do into reading and writing.

  • In Mike Bunn’s essay, I specifically liked how he included you into what he was writing by asking you questions and having you think about what he was really saying. An example is on page 73, the first paragraph when he’s asking you whether or not its effective to start an essay with a quote, or in anything you write, what will putting a quote in the start of it do? Will it affect how the reader interprets the story? By reading these questions, it makes us think about those feelings. It leaves the question lingering in your mind as you keep reading.

  • I actually really liked reading and annotating this reading because it felt as though I was apart of the essay. I made me feel like I was having a conversation with someone. It also gave me an eye opener on different technique’s used to draw a reader into what your writing and be interested in what your saying.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Excellent comments, Kaylen. You really did understand what he was trying to do, which was make us think about writing as more than just putting words on paper. It really is all about figuring out how to say something so that other people can understand us. It’s not about us!

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