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reading like a writer

            In this essay, I learned how to properly read educational pieces of literature. Mark Bunn takes his readers step by step in his process of analyzing literature, including it purpose, genre, type, context and language. Throughout the essay, he describes how one might analyze such things, and in the last couple of sections, he gave good solid examples by analyzing his own work. He encourages his readers  to think about how  they might improve pieces of literature, and whether or not that would be an improvement  for someone with higher standards than the reader. He mentioned that readers must ask plenty of questions, though there are no correct questions that are versatile enough to apply to every piece of literature. He finally conclude the essay by trying to encourage his readers to go out into the world and read like a writer in whatever they do.


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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    You gave us a nice summary of the article, Ryan. But what about the questions I left for people to look at? Step back and think about yourself for a minute — how do YOU feel about what he’s saying? What out of all of this do you think YOU can use in your own writing? How does writing work in YOUR life? Truth is, I already know what he said (and I’m glad you understand it, too!), but what’s important is the impact he might have made on how you approach writing and yourself as a writer. Trust me: you won’t be the only one I say this stuff to :-).

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