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How To Read Like A Writer

~What I think that Bunn means when he says “You are already an author” is that we always write. When it comes to writing a text, to a personal journal or even doing homework like we are doing now. One of the things I write already is journals, I like writing about my day and what I did or didn’t do. It makes me feel lighter, specially when days are long and exhausting. A way that I think that this will help me in my college reading and writing career is that I already have an understanding about it and what to do.

~Something I enjoyed/noticed about Bunn’s article is that he included you in it. Is like you were having a conversation with him while you read it but at the same time it was teaching you all these new things on how to expand your mind while you read. Something that I would like to try to do with my own writing would be try to attract a certain type of audience. I think it would be something fun to try in the future.

~I liked reading and annotating like this, yes I enjoy holding things while I read them but I enjoyed it. I know that it has to do with the way that the author decided to write the essay but I enjoyed feeling included while reading this essay.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    I love holding things in my hands when I read them! But I also love my Kindle (although I do hold that, so…). So good that you noticed the use of “you”! You’re absolutely correct — it all has to do with audience, and it’s something we’ll be looking at (and playing with) all term.

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