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Lets see, something about me? Well right now I'm kinda of floating around in life, I lost direction a while ago but i think I'm starting to find my way around, and where I think its going to lead me might be in art, (BTW this whole paragraph is about my future and what i think about that) by becoming a animator and a cartoonist, I really love cartoons, like I grew up on it and am really excited about creating shows on the internet or on TV. Now on to the good stuff of who I am as a person. I am somewhat crazy and super energetic. I have ADHD II and not that I'm telling you this as an excuse or anything, its something I'm really proud of, I own and utilize it to the fullest, Especially when I'm riding my bike. I am a exercise enthusiast, and love being active, to be honest writing about it right now is giving me the urge to run around. I love pandas, my favorite colors are Pink and Black, I Hate koalas cause there ass-holes, and I love doing voices impressions and acting. There's really alot more about me that i can tell you, however I'm too lazy to write it so if it pleases you and you're interested, you (my classmates and/or teacher) can ask me and I would be so happy to tell you whatever you want to know. Sooo yeah, that's me, in a nutshell I guess. I'm very excited for this class, and to get to know those in it. Can't wait to work together with you guys.


so i had an idea.
a history of science fiction throughout the gaming industry. science fiction has a huge genre base in gaming and has spawned many different franchises and cultural hits.

how has science fiction as a genre influenced and shaped the gaming industry as it is today? from basic 8 bit games such as asteroid, the the engine based games of today such as destiny, video games were made for science fiction. what i would like to look at in my presentation and paper, is how in the history of gaming has society been influenced, and the cultural backlash that many games have had on it. what is considered science fiction as a genre in gaming, seeing as there are many SF themes in many games. how has SF grown and changed in gaming meaning what has gaming changed for SF. what sort of advancements have been made as a result of a demand SF genre games.

i would like to find out how Science fiction has redefined gaming over the years. how it has affected the gaming and regular community, and why people love it so and still demand it. i want to answer these questions as best i can and find out for myself the impact SF has had on my games. this is something that hits close to home for me.

She Tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doesnt even matter!

Final blog post, what what. and the conclusion to this little mind bender of a novel. It ended the way i didnt want it to. Sooooo all the talk about her being a hero of the future kinda fell apart when it was clear that everything that was happening in the future was based on things that happened to connie in her present, The Doctor and the future “redding” (328) and then she declares war on the docotors (p330), she seems to be out of it while she sees the future, so that right there supports the “theres no real future” theory. another thing that i thought was weird (well not really just because it contradicts with what i want to happen, and what is really happening) is that she declared war on the doctors (p 330) (there was alot that happened in chapter 17), now thats all fine and dandy, i mean i would to if i was being subject to horrifying experiments and my friends that were subjected to the same experiments were dying as a result, thats cool, what isnt cool is that as a result of these experiments Connie is now officially labeled (by the book) as a crazy person (sigh) and more importantly a murderer cause she did poison a dude, and waited for the law to come find her, thats something the joker would do, she just didnt care at that point. the reason i dont like this is that now shes never gonna get out, her life will stay what it is, and shell probably die in the system, which is bullshit. she started off as a beacon of hope during a time that was covered in darkness (and the the firenation attacked) she made it seem that she was the hero that the future needed, and she would defy all the obstacles in her path (being in asylum)and get on top and rise up. but nope, she kind rolled over and said meh. so im kinda pissed/disappointed/taken back. maybe im just still reading into the whole future deal too hard, but i really wanted her to connect with Luciente and go back with him and have a life in the future, but no, she stays in the 70s. i dont know, i would have done it differently i guess. dont get me wrong it was a great read though, with a strong female lead, it was an interesting ride, just ended wrong for me, maybe i should reread this badboy and see if i missed anything. i just hope everyone else took it for what its worth, a good read, and didnt hold onto the fact that its a feminist take on the world,cause thats what i feel gives it weight. the struggle of a woman both ohysically and internally make for a good story, but throw time travel, schizophrenia and some messed up doctors and you got yourself a pretty badass book with a crazy heroine.


Soooooo i was right 🙂 about the whole connie building herself different futures, and to be honest i was taken back, cause i thought i was going to far into a “multiverse theory” but yeah, Piercy does that and its awesome. when she meets Parra (pierc, 199), a version of herself where she seemingly made better life choices and became the woman she told her mother she would become, shows up, further helping my point that this could be true, but then theres the whole being drugged aspect of it, giving it an element of dilusion, I.E. it might not be happening and she could be making the whole thing up. but i dont believe that at all, mainly cause i Really like Connie and i want to give her the benefit of the doubt that she has been exposed to time travel, she can see alternate versions of herself, and shes not crazy. yeah i could nit pick this but why, im here for the story. to go back to the multiverse thing though, heres were it gets tricky. Bee states that they have to fight to exist and thats why they came to connie (Piercy, 190), yet at the same time its “eluded” to the reader that this may all be a delusion. and none of these people might even exist. and then before Luciente says to her “were struggling to exist”, which would illicit that theyre existence in the future is in jeopardy. but why reach out to connie? what does she have to do with it all? heres where i think the theory comes into play, (maybe im wrong but w/e) because Connie is obviously some sort of conduit connecting two different timelines together, and based on the readings of her personas, people that share striking resemblance to other people, and all the craziness in general, its not that hard to get behind the idea that Connie is a catalyst for the future, like how the future would be shaped. She doesnt appear to be playing a huge role, i know, but thats the thing, you dont have to play a huge role to have some effect on the future. as of yet weve seen her been hospitalized, drugged, on the run and survived, all the means of preparation or revolution for something in my eyes that she will be faced with at some point in time, that will have outstanding repercussions on the future, thats my thoughts on that.

One more thing, about being a connection between two futures, it would seem that she can “jump” through them through her dreams, pretty standard time travel MO. it futher implies that this future might be real, but it keeps you second guessing yourself the whole time. I dont know about you, but im gettign more and more into this book.

Sooo things happened…

i know its late, but here goes nothing

Soo Connie, yeah… a lot happens with her. her mental state is deteriorating, or so its seems by everyone around her, but is it rally? in her head she sees everything differently, she sees Claud in another body (piercy 179) and her daughter in Dawn. All she sees is her past, in the present, and tries to make a sense of it all in her head. which is confusing to say the least, but i think that was Piercy’s intention, and its working.
Another thing that resonated with me was that her character, has three characters, Consuela, Connie, and Conchita, all reflections of different version of herself that may or may not exist. All of which could stem from her losing Angelina, and her way of coping with that loss. However what resonates with me is that these three personas could be related to alternate timeline, maybe im thinking to hard into the whole time travel thing, but bear with me. this reminds me of a movie; Mr. Nobody, a story about the last mortal living in a future full of immortals. in it Nobody goes through three different versions of his past and future, seeing where his choices in life could or could have taken him. an interesting movie yes, but heres the similarities, could connies different personas be reflective of this concept, that because shes been now subjected to some kind of time altering power, tat she is building herself to face certain versions of her future? maybe im diving to hard into this, maybe im not, but its just speculation up to this point.
However, it would make sense somewhat, for she had a messed up childhood, with the whole sex thing, so maybe she tried to create personas that were tougher than her, (typical schizophrenia) that would put that past her and move on, and we see this in Conchita, the tougher of the three. she would be more suitable to live the rest of her days as a toughened individual. but hey thats just my theory on this whole messed up world that Connies living.
cant wait to hear what all your takes are on the situation.

That one time that kid from the future came over

Woah, is all I have to say…followed by the subsequent paragraphs.

Theres a lot of things that i want to say about this novel as its being understood by me. First off id like to say that i personally am excited because, ITS A TIME TRAVEL STORY!! I personally love time travel, and as soon as Luciente told Connie he was from 2137(p.44), I was like “whatttttt”, totally not expecting that, which made my nose instantly in this book, and secondly, clarified the contents of the first chapter, just like Chris mentioned, since technically everything is happening backwards, and forwards simultaneously, because time travel, and how Piercy decided to structure her writing (genius). Its a kind of trip really, for we have, as the reader, experienced what happened in the first chapter, kinda slow and dragged out, just to give you a sense of the surroundings type thing, never any mention of whats going on or anything. Then chapter 2 onward was like woahh, this is really happening, we see everything that happened before she was commited, even though, technically it never happened to begin with, because time travel. I really could go on a whole tangent about this, but i wont because that would take FOREVER, but i wouldnt mind discussing it in class. Its an interesting book especially the characters, how right off the bat were thrust into their lives. Connie is someone that i can relate to as a human. Not that ive been in this situation before, because lets face it, if i was, i would take advantage of that however which way i could, but i digress. Connie is someone who has and is experiencing psychological distress, something that is both common and uncommon, common in that everyone deals with something mental from time to time, uncommon in that we deal with it, instead we sweep it under the floor.

Thats relatable, if i had a nickle for all the times id tried to hide and cover up my problems instead of dealing with it head on, id have like two bucks and change. And thats clever, because she claims that she doesnt need help, and that shes been commited and institutionalized before, and thats all fine and dandy, yet we dont really see any of that, all we see is her pain, something that people deal with, under the surface. Albeit the pain was inflicted by another (Scumbag Geraldo, which is something else i could go on a tangent about) she still seems to be suffering from the pain dealt to her by her life. Her past experinces still haunt her, and thats something that we all at some point deal with,and yet she refuses to be in this place, mainly because back then places like that didnt care about you just getting through their workday but thats something else entirely. Its hard for people to cope with the past, when thir future looks like what the past ended up being. Its scary to feel and be alone, to have everything you held near and dear vanish into the endless void of pain and suffering, it really is, Connie however has endured and put up with all the Bull in part to the fact that she is a survivor. The major characteristic that make Connie a relatable character, is that shes a Latino women living in the slums of New York City, well slums for its time, now that area is coming up rather well but whatever. Anyway, as a Latino male in NYC now, its not that difficult, theres struggle but not so much that i have a break down every know and then. To be honest i live rather comfortably for this era; that being said i know what its like to live in that time through the stories my grandparents and my parents told me as they grew with the city. It was hard and it was cut throat living. Everyone looking out for themselves, my grandparents had no idea what they were doing when they arrived here, they had dreams and aspirations, but the hard truth of the matter is that unless you have money or get a break you’re most likely to stay in that social state until times change.Just like Connie, she was a little girl who had big dreams and wanted to make a better life for herself (p.38) but because of bad luck, or the universe having bigger plans for her with the introduction of Luciente, those plans crumbled. Yet, and this is my belief, she survived because of where she came from, maybe its just me being proud of my Latino roots, but i believe we are a people of survivors. Connie put up with all her hardships and still carried on, so too did my grandparents, and my parents, and now we live pretty dam good, because of resiliance, something i feel is lacking in todays society, but thats just me. But it looks as if time are changing for Connie, and hopefully things get better for her.

Now in regards to her mental state, shes a woman thats fell on hard times (P.17-18), ive witnessed the turmoil and depression that follows a mother on the verge of losing their child, yet i cant begin to imagine the type of pain that takes over when that child is stripped out of a mothers arms. She has every right to feel how she feels, for being unjustly condemned to live the life she lives. Yet she keeps on, weak she may be but determined to do something about it, or at least she dreams of that, because as i mentioned earlier, unless a miracle happens youre most likely gonna stay where you are, ESPECIALLY during that time she lived in. From what i understand about my neighborhoods history, i live in what used to be a pretty horrible ghetto, prostitutes, drugs, all types of shit like that, the whole nine yards; yet my family has stayed here and survived and outlived that part of this neighborhoods history, becuase the times changed, regardless if that change was only like 10 years ago, they changed nonetheless. So i have some sort of grasp as to the living conditions that Connie had to endure, which was enough to put strain on anyone, let alone an already damaged person. But i hope, as im sure most of you do, that things turn around for Connie.

And i cant wait to talk about this with you guys in class.

Welp, that was interesting

*And now i have to do this again*
Okay so the video based on “There Will Come Soft Rains” by Ray Bradbury a short story is a tragic one that shows how our world will inevitably cease to be. It follows an semi autonomous robot tendril following up on his duties set for it by its masters. The film is a gritty look or gritter look at how a radioactive fallout wipes out all of civilization and the only things left are the machines that we created to help in our everyday lives. The robot goes about its duties as diligently as it had before and it gives it a surreal tone, that the things that brought it into existence no longer exist and it is oblivious to this knowledge doing everything it did prior to the fallout. one of the many things that stood out to me was the ash that the residents end up becoming, the robot, as sophisticated as it was made out to be, couldnt tell the difference between dead or alive, giving it that feeling of “shit this is for real” and a sense of morbidness that only a Russian directed film could supply an audience with, cause it didnt mention any of that in the short story, kinda wish it did cause that was an amazing addition and liberty taken. another thing was the liberties taken with the film, the addition of the music and the monitor and the door opening was great. which brings me to another point. this family seemed to be a nuclear one, meaning that they were adjusted to and lived in a society in which there loomed the presence of radiated fallout and warfare, by which i am referring to the hazmat suits the wall spits up when the robot announces that its time for work and school (4:24) this was what i believe to be a clever use of the time period and surroundings, we also get a glimpse of this sort of life when we see the house they lived in, a dome, fallout shelter design, looking like it was built to last and withstand anything (5:02). The other thing that was pretty smart and indicative of the proper way to establish a sense of morbid dread was that it was on New Years Eve that this family died, the fact that just before the day of renewal was a day of reckoning for this family, they didnt even know it was coming as made evident by there sleeping positioned ash corpses. what i liked about this film was that i gave the story a face, something visual that we could see and really feel the utter sense of hopelessness in the story. what i felt in this was a feeling of surreal that i felt once before and i will never forget it, (really old reference approaching) it reminded me of that time in pokemon season one when that ninetales waited like 200 years for its dead trainer to return, but it didnt, and then took it upon itslef to maintain the mansion of its trainer out of the memories it had with him. that was a heart wrenching and bizarre moment for me as a child to see and thats what im seeing again in this film. what also sttod out to me and i wont touch on it to much here, was the animation, it was a product of the time it was created yes, but also gives it that much more depth in terms of “shit this is really happening”department. the slowness and rigid style and animation give it a feel of doom and gloom that could only be reminiscent of a Russian made film, which is amazing. another thing that they couldve done that would have been amazing was the fire scene, to see just how the firefighter droids were crushed under the weight of the house becuase they were to late to do anything since the fire had consumed the much of the house already, but i guess they didnt cause like i said that house was built to last. someone should animate that, maybe ill make that one day.

Alas, this was a great film, i give it one pigeon smashing its head into a monitor out of a possible robot tendril destroying a house.

heres that reaally obscure reference i made 😀

Well, on the other hand it was certainly interesting

I finally went to see what all the hate was directed to and honestly Im on the fence in agreement. while yes the exhibit had nothing to correlate with the text and the movie on the surface, below that they had something to do with each other. The exhinbit showed somethng really amazing and interesting. Aside from being ridiculouly crowded, which was kinda ironic for an exhibit that shows the solutions for overcrowding, so the whole time i was internally laughing at all that, but the exhibit itself showed many interesting and out of the box ways to properly use all available space within a location for living. They also had a little boat for your bike in Lagos that let you ride your bike on water and i was just taken back by that, like how cool would that be? another thing was the natural energy that would be produced by converting power plants to wind turbine power.

now to the part where it relates to the book and movie. well in both sources, the main setting is a dystopian, post apocalyptic future, which is quite the opposite of the exhibit, one that shows proper techniques to prevent these realities from coming to fruition, which is really a progressive movement using the messed up vision of Philip K Dick to help out humanity and the planet by making everything green and pretty. now how the film portrayed our bleak and desolate existence was rather grim and depressing, but looking at this exhibit was refreshing, seeing the strives that a select few are taking to ensure that we all dont die bunched up together in small apartments or from a flood caused by the deterioration of the ozone layer that would ultimately melt the polar ice caps, i think that’s great. so yeah in my opinion the exhibit had a lot to do with Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and Blade Runner, since its showing us how to not end up like that, living under a cloud of smog and pollution wouldn’t be my idea of fun, despite how cool it looks in a science fiction film or novel.

BLADE RUNNER!!! Better than the first time I saw it.

Everything makes sense now! Why was Harrison Ford such a badass? It was because Phil Dicks Deckard was a badass. And because this movie was so great was because the book was great. granted the movie took a lot of liberties by taking out a whole bunch of stuff from the book, which were all pivotal aspects that made the book amazing, however this movie was made to both appeal to a 80s audience, as well as the fans, so of course theyre gonna make liberties to get out all the complexities of the book such as; the undertones of slavery, freedom, self awareness, loneliness, religious confusion, self actualization, realization of a bigger picture, humanity, and a whole bunch of other stuff that you can fill in for me, instead they made a movie designed to make money by generic movie goers, as well as give the book as well as its fan a proper adaptation of Dicks vision.

So they kinda changed up my man J.R. Isisdore, which was meh, and probably unneccesary but it was the 80s, anyway i digress, they made him into J.F. Sebastian, a genetic designer, in order to make him essential to the plot of this movie, they remade him and instead of being the chickenhead i know and love whos soul crushing loneliness defines him as a character, and whos connection with Mercer, tells us a story of a lost and damaged soul, we got a guy who makes friends with “toys” hes made as his hobby, who are in reality midgets dressed up in a bear and drummer boy costumes that were meant to either get a cheap laugh from the audience or to really emulate how much of a socially awkward and scared human he must really be. Either way, it was a weird direction that they went with that one, but it makes sense to the plot of this movie. that being the replicants want to find answers as to why they exist and do so by seeking out their creators, one of them being J.F. (this is why they kept the second most important character from the novel, to have an overly dramatic scene between creator and created, but in actuallity know that the real J.R. could never in a million years be confronted by an agressive Roy Batty, thats just food for thought), which also gives the Androids purpose and motivation for being on earth in the first place, as opposed to them leaving in search for a better life and freedom from the abusive nature of their previous arrangements off world. The movie just really gave me an enhance visual for the book, its like when you see who the announcer on the radio is, you now hav a face to mach the voice, and thats kinda fun when you get right down to it. It was really fun when I get to see Deckard as an emotianol person, or the world he lives in, and how he functions. Now would that have all been better if they put the whole book in the movie? Fuck yeah, but they didnt and thats sad, i would have loved to see how they implemented Mercerism into all that, how they would have blended a cyber punk world with a false religion, that would have been great. But what we ogt was just as good and impressive, the ending too was a nod to what the androids wanted to leave, and escape from, a horrible past full of destruction, things that no one will remember, for just like tears in the rain, no one would ever know it happened.


The End??? I Think Not!!!

Dios mio, that was such a suspenseful ending, like wow. So much happened, and the plot for this book escalated so well. so we start off with our hero, Ricardo, awaiting the arrival of the ever so stunning (at least to Ricardo) Rachel Rosen, who is in fact an android, in a pretty decent hotel room where they will discuss “business”, but is really a well set up opportunity to let Ricardo indulge in a fantasy to sleep with an adroid as previous mentioned by the one the only Phil Resch. That maniacal son of a bounty hunter mentioned to Ricardo that its a natural urge to feel in the profession of bounty hunter and that the only rule to sleeping with an android is killing them afterward, which is pretty sensible, in like a crazy sort of perspective, or outlook on life, such as the one that Phil has,cause hes kinda crazy, or to be put justly, desensitized to by the killing of many android units in his time as a hunter. Anyway, so Ricardo and Rachel get it on, and then its  back to the old grind for Ricky, and he gets right back to work on hunting those androids, but wait theres more. Now as previously mentioned in my other posts, the androids seem to want one thing, or strive for one thing, to understnd and in tuen, become more human, through the empathetic process, for what they do not understand, they loath and envy, they crave it, just as Ricardo craves a cooler animal (oh btw he got a goat and thats important). so we see the android Rachel kinda express her understandning of human emotion when she shows signs of jelously towards, get this, Ricardos Goat, his black nubian goat is Rachels new worst enemy (p.202). I thought that this was interesting, that we as the readers are finding more depth to the android class of character this late in the game, for theres another instnace of human like characteristics that fall under empathy, expressed through Rachel yet again when she mentions Luba Luft as her friend, and that they had been friends for two years (p.199) only after however she explains how much of a cold calculating souless machine she is by explaining her deceit to Ricardo, stating that this isnt the first time that a bounty hunter has slept with her, telling him that every single time afterwards, the hunters attitudes was changed towards killing the androids, the special case being The One, The Only Phil Resch, since hes kinda crazy (p.198). Still its quite interseting to see how much thought Dick (the author but you already knew that) and effort was put into the complexity of these characters, especially the androids. Rachel is portrayed, not as a cold hearted bitch, but as a tool that has to be a cold hearted bitch, she Bribed Ricky, slept with him to change his sentiments toward killing androids, which spoiler alert, didnt work since he succesfully killed the remaing three on his list, and last but not least, the icing on the cake, murdered his Goat (p.227-228). This is the interesting part, for she did it out of Jealousy a common human trait, and empathatic response that is usualy the reslut of an insecurity or threat towards someone, or in this case something besides the person feeling the emotion. she made no attemot at being sneaky, and quietly taking the goat out, oh no. she went out of her way to make her presence known to those on the roof, Ricardos neighbor Barbour, and literally pushed the goat off the roof and left, like she was queen bee sending a message. I find that very interesting in a character who isnt supposed to have a motive to commit a crime thats severly punishable by law, on top of the fact that shes an android killing sacred life.

Another crazy turn of events is that Future Jesus is both non existent, and a total bad-ass. What happened was that Buster Friendly, an android sent from the future to destroy future jesus (that was a terminator joke but whatever) disproved Mercerism down to a set of films made by an old hollywood movie maker/drunkard which had the androids super ecstatic and that its a total sham and those who practiced it, Humans, are stupid for doing it (p. 205-211). In between a whole bunch of other stuff happened with the androids at J.R.’s place and he kinda lost his senses and all of his belief and sense of self was, just as Mercerism was moments prior, totally destroyed and he lost his mind for a bit, seeing the graphic nature of his self imposed lonely and meaningless existence without his belief and manifest in a created world which was crumbling and deteriorating all around him(p.211-214). BUT WAIT, theres more. It turns out that Mercerism is indeed a fake, but Mercer and the power he posses isnt, for he went and spoke to J.R. and told him to stiffen up that upper lip and keep on keeping on, to roll with the punches, and that no matter what, whether or not J.R. stops searching for Mercer, that Mercer will never stop searching for him, and that he will always have his back (p. 214-215). I thought that was amazing, to give hope to an already damaged character, (but then to strip it all away when Ricardo kills his android friends) and sort of repair him, yet still leaving him vulnerable and confused. The idea behind Mercerism, in my opinion, is a simple one, hope. Hope in a world such as this is necessary, when the populace relies on machines to feel and cant hold relations with themselves very well is an essential game piece in this messed up universe. And Mercer shows that he has hope for all that seek him by helping Ricky, not once, but twice, once by warning him of impending android attack, saving him from the hardest kill he had to do in his career and guiding him through it (p. 220-221) from the android Pris Stratton, who looked like Rachel, and was so hard for him because he kind of fell in love with her, in a weird turn of events, and again when Ricky had given up and was on the verge of killing himself, by fusing and becoming one with Rick (p. 234), Mercer helped Ricardo understand that his role in life is essential and something that will ultimately have to happen whether he Ricky likes it or not. He gave him a new understanding and outlook on life, especially when he found a toad in the dessert (it was fake though) (p. 236). this new outlook did so much as to put a smile on his face and be happy and relieved for the first time in a long time, as mentioned by his wife when he returned home (p. 239) which was great to see in our dark and complex protagonist. We see Mercer as the light at the end of the tunnel, the light that shines and protects the weak, the beacon of hope for a race of people who have none. Yes it was tainted and destroyed by Buster, an android who has no understanding, no concept of hope or empathy, but it will live on through Ricardo, and the rest of the world who still need something to cling too.

All in all, it was a great read, 10 out of 10, master piece, i would re read it again just for fun. Its chock full of complex plot, meaning, and symbolism, as well as a lot of fun to read, and an exciting adventure into a future that may or may not exist one day.

Cant wait to talk about this.


Why are future people dumb?

sooo, lets see, in a book this good the plot will naturally thicken, but this book is like the opposite of a certain Stephan King inspired movie (its thinner if you dont know what im talking about) cause this plot just got super fat, and a whole bunch of awesome business is going down. so the main who needs no introduction because we all know exactly who he is, but just cause i like you guys well call him Ricardo. So Ricardo started on his journey of self realization, a journey that he went on with my second favorite character Phil Resch who is for a lack of a better word kind of a dick, but hes cool. But I;m getting ahead of myself here, lets start at the beginning. Ricardo, being a bounty hunter, was hot on the trail of his next target Polokov, and then he killed him, then he went on to his next target Luba Luft, and then he killed her, but only after being subjected to what was the coolest plot twist ever, and not some Shamalan thing either. Ricardo was taken to the lions dens basically and was arrested and brought into the custody of an android run police precinct, chock full of danger and Ricardos eminent demise. after a brief heart to heart with his next target Inspector Garland, Ricardo began asking himself self imposed questions, like what am i doing with my life, or who am I, what purpose am i fulfiing by killing these androids, and in my honest opinion hes kinda right, because if someone or in this case something, can bring benefit to society, mind you a crumbling deteriorating society, then who is he to be killing them. for example, and this is pretty basic for all of us, but Luba Luft, she was an opera singer, whos voice was a beautiful as morning sky in April, yet met her untimely demise in an elevator with no real justification. The only reason to kill her was that she was an android, an abdroid that supplied sweet music and culture to a place that was lacking it. In my opinion and in Ricardos, she was a gift to the world, that was made by man. which begs the question, why does the human race in this perticular scenario not live up to its full potential by allowing the androids to help them out, if not on the collonies then on earth, maybe they can use them to combat the dust or contain the radiation and nulify the effects, i mean they created humanlike androids that deceive the human eye and mind, they expertly replicated animals, yet they cant figure a way to save the earth or at least a portion of it in oder to preserve where humanity grew? that just seems kinda strange to me, but whatever, i didnt write this Dick did.

Okay and then some other stuff happened with Phil. during that heart to heart with Garland, Ricardo pondered to himself am I an android, since he couldnt tell the difference or was unsure of himself when he was in there custody, but it turned out that that was just a thought implant by Garland to mess with him and ultimately turn against Phil, which never happened, and even Phil went through this dilema as well and i liked it better when he went through this crisis, i feel like hes a relatable character, because hes a cold blooded killer of androids, but has a soft and kinda conflicted personality when it came to whether or not he was an andorid,and he has a pet squirell, and thats adorable.

But yeah thats my point about all this, i really believe that in a world where science and technology reign supreme, those who utilize to the extreme are kinda stupid by not applying that knowledge to more pressing matters. and that fact that it shouldnt be up to the humans to execute the androids if they just want a normal life. it all falls back on the issues that were facing today with immigration and the drug crisis. if people want to live here and are gonna be productive members of this society just let them. and if people want to use a plant for recreational use let them, instead use all the tax payer money and go after the guys that are selling hard stuff to little kids but maybe i took this a little too out there.

😀 yummz