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Okay so the video based on “There Will Come Soft Rains” by Ray Bradbury a short story is a tragic one that shows how our world will inevitably cease to be. It follows an semi autonomous robot tendril following up on his duties set for it by its masters. The film is a gritty look or gritter look at how a radioactive fallout wipes out all of civilization and the only things left are the machines that we created to help in our everyday lives. The robot goes about its duties as diligently as it had before and it gives it a surreal tone, that the things that brought it into existence no longer exist and it is oblivious to this knowledge doing everything it did prior to the fallout. one of the many things that stood out to me was the ash that the residents end up becoming, the robot, as sophisticated as it was made out to be, couldnt tell the difference between dead or alive, giving it that feeling of “shit this is for real” and a sense of morbidness that only a Russian directed film could supply an audience with, cause it didnt mention any of that in the short story, kinda wish it did cause that was an amazing addition and liberty taken. another thing was the liberties taken with the film, the addition of the music and the monitor and the door opening was great. which brings me to another point. this family seemed to be a nuclear one, meaning that they were adjusted to and lived in a society in which there loomed the presence of radiated fallout and warfare, by which i am referring to the hazmat suits the wall spits up when the robot announces that its time for work and school (4:24) this was what i believe to be a clever use of the time period and surroundings, we also get a glimpse of this sort of life when we see the house they lived in, a dome, fallout shelter design, looking like it was built to last and withstand anything (5:02). The other thing that was pretty smart and indicative of the proper way to establish a sense of morbid dread was that it was on New Years Eve that this family died, the fact that just before the day of renewal was a day of reckoning for this family, they didnt even know it was coming as made evident by there sleeping positioned ash corpses. what i liked about this film was that i gave the story a face, something visual that we could see and really feel the utter sense of hopelessness in the story. what i felt in this was a feeling of surreal that i felt once before and i will never forget it, (really old reference approaching) it reminded me of that time in pokemon season one when that ninetales waited like 200 years for its dead trainer to return, but it didnt, and then took it upon itslef to maintain the mansion of its trainer out of the memories it had with him. that was a heart wrenching and bizarre moment for me as a child to see and thats what im seeing again in this film. what also sttod out to me and i wont touch on it to much here, was the animation, it was a product of the time it was created yes, but also gives it that much more depth in terms of “shit this is really happening”department. the slowness and rigid style and animation give it a feel of doom and gloom that could only be reminiscent of a Russian made film, which is amazing. another thing that they couldve done that would have been amazing was the fire scene, to see just how the firefighter droids were crushed under the weight of the house becuase they were to late to do anything since the fire had consumed the much of the house already, but i guess they didnt cause like i said that house was built to last. someone should animate that, maybe ill make that one day.

Alas, this was a great film, i give it one pigeon smashing its head into a monitor out of a possible robot tendril destroying a house.

heres that reaally obscure reference i made 😀

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