so i had an idea.
a history of science fiction throughout the gaming industry. science fiction has a huge genre base in gaming and has spawned many different franchises and cultural hits.

how has science fiction as a genre influenced and shaped the gaming industry as it is today? from basic 8 bit games such as asteroid, the the engine based games of today such as destiny, video games were made for science fiction. what i would like to look at in my presentation and paper, is how in the history of gaming has society been influenced, and the cultural backlash that many games have had on it. what is considered science fiction as a genre in gaming, seeing as there are many SF themes in many games. how has SF grown and changed in gaming meaning what has gaming changed for SF. what sort of advancements have been made as a result of a demand SF genre games.

i would like to find out how Science fiction has redefined gaming over the years. how it has affected the gaming and regular community, and why people love it so and still demand it. i want to answer these questions as best i can and find out for myself the impact SF has had on my games. this is something that hits close to home for me.

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  1. Nicholai, a full (minimum two paragraph) proposal was due 4/24. I’m happy to provide feedback / help you focus your project, but right now I don’t have enough to go on. The relationship between SF and “gaming” has promise, but you need to develop your ideas much more. Please revise and create a new post, ASAP.

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